Congratulations on your new family member, there is nothing more fun and exciting then a new pup in the house.  But it can be a lot of work to get your new baby started off on the right paw on her life's journey - Pooches N' Pals is here to help!

Grooming will be a part of your pet's life, so it is important for her to become acclimatized to the sights, sounds and smells of her grooming salon.  We offer a compassionate, caring, relaxed and cage free atmosphere for her first, and many to follow, grooms. We recommend that your girl is at least 16 weeks of age and is up to date on all her vaccines, please bring her vaccination records with you on her first visit.  Our Puppy's First Groom is a soothing warm bath, gentle drying, nail clipping and a tidy-up cut of her face, sanitary area, pads and legs for $40.  If she is tolerating this well, we can proceed with a full body cut and style to breed or your specifications for an additional $15.  For subsequent appointments, we will book her with the same stylist so they can bond during each and every visit.

We recommend that you visit us often to help your girl get familiar with our salon whether you have a scheduled service or not.  We will make a general fuss over her, and who knows, maybe she'll get a belly rub and treat from her stylist!  


  • 15% off on second appointment
  • Doggie Bag of organic treats
  • Belly rubs and cuddles - FREE