.  Your Pet; Our Passion

  • Please bring your vaccination records for your first appointment and let us know of any allergies or recent injuries or surgeries. Let us know if your pet has not been spayed or neutered or if they display aggressive tendencies.  Pets with fleas will immediately be isolated and receive a flea bath at owner's expense.  We care about your pet's health and will always inform you of any issues identified during their stay with us.

  • We ask that you walk your pet before your appointment in order to keep our facility as clean and healthy as possible.  When you arrive, you will meet with your stylist to discuss your specific grooming requirements.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, if its not right, when you pick up your pet, we'll fix it!

  • Please be prompt for your appointment, as the scheduling of the appointments following yours is based on your timely arrival.  We ask for a 3-4 hour window to give your pet the best service.  Customer requested longer stays, past 4 hours, may result in per hour Daycare charges.  We ask that you pick up your pet promptly when called - they know the routine and may start getting anxious waiting for you!

  • The length that we can keep your pet's coat is directly related to the amount of matting of the coat.  Matting is painful and causes pulling as well as bruising and sores.  De-matting can be a very painful process, if it can be done without too much distress to your pet, additional charges may apply.  Typically shave downs are necessary for excessive matting and nicks or cuts can occur during a close shave down.  Please consider visiting us between full grooms for a bath and brush in order to  help us keep your pet's coat as long and free of mat as possible.

  We're Open!

For us, grooming and caring for your pet is our labour of love.  We are all pet owners and more often then not bring them in to work with us.  We endeavour to create a relaxed, cage free and warm environment for your pet.  Our care is always professional and compassionate. We consult with you each and every time your baby comes in to make sure you get the groom you want and to update our records on any happenings since the last time.  We treat your pet like our own!

. Our Policies

                    Monday:         12 to 9 pm

​      Tuesday:         8:30 am to 9 pm

      Wednesday:   8:30 am to 7 pm

      Thursday:       8:30 am to 9 pm

      Friday:             8:30 am to 9 pm

 Saturday:        10 am to 9 pm

​                   Sunday:  By Appointment

  Our Labour of LOVE!

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